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Dog walking

This is another service I'll be giving aswell aswell as Dog Grooming. This will mainly be taking place between 11.30am and 1.30pm as i will be grooming mornings and afternoons. On days that i may not have any grooms then walks will be avalible all day.

First meeting would be good if we walked together, maybe one of your favorite places to walk. This gives me a chance to meet your dog and yourself, also being able to get to know how they walk and play

The general price is

30mins- £5


1 Hour- £10

Block booking avalible on request via call, text, facebook or email

Petrol is added if not in Truro 

These prices are an adverage depending on the behaviour of the dog and how well they walk on and off the lead.

An Irish Red Setter I walked 3 days a week for many months back in 2012. I enjoyed walking him i think this may of been close to the time i realised i wanted to work with dogs!
Dexter is a Beagle x Pug, he joins me when i take Brouse out for an afternoon, eventhough there is an age difference they seem to enjoy each others company, as do I.
House/Dog Sitting
Avalible at most times of the year, within reason, this service includes me staying within you're home with any pets you require care for. Walks, feeding, cleaning and cuddling is all part of the job :)
Please feel free to enquire via call, text, website or my facebook page.
Travelling out of truro is not a problem but petrol money will be added to the total bill which adverages at 50p a mile
I hope to hear from you all soon!

My boys in the snow 2010 Jay (left) and Brouse (right)

           Sadly Jay passed in 2015, never forgotten.

A professional, insured, loving carer making sure your dog is comfortable and enjoys your time away as much as you enjoy your holiday! 

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