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My name is Laura Evans I have always been interested in animals, when I was younger i thought i wanted to be a vet! As i started to grow up i realised I was way to emotional and sensitive to be a vet or even a veterinary assistant. I ended up going to college for 4 years in total including a 1 day a week course Level 1 Beauty Therapy during my last year of school, once finishing school i carried on to complete my Level 2 Beauty Therapy, Level 2 hairdressing was the next years course i had to make sure i was proving to my Beauty teacher i was willing to learn as normally they encourage you to stick to the side your already working on.

 My tutor, future potential tutor for hairdressing, head of Hair & Beauty and myself all had a meeting where i explained i wanted to try all aspects of hair and beauty it became almost like a personal challenge, i think i felt the more i trained for and got under my belt the better off i would be in the future.

 After being accepted on to the Hair dressing course which i completed within the time span and enjoyed so much, i then became curious of other challenges i could try out for my final year, i decided to go back and applied for Level 3 Make up Artistry. I was accepted for my Level 3 which i feel i did well in as i can be quite imaginative and creative, especially with the Theatrical side and the soft focus on beautiful wedding make up.

 Although i enjoyed my last year of college i knew it would be very difficult to get a job in any of my trades i had completed in the last 3 years even though i had the qualifications lots of places wouldn't take me on due to having no salon experience.

I couldn't go on without a job as i needed money, i ended up getting a job in a cafe and then landed myself in retail, longer than i hoped but 4 years of being in retail i finally realised i wanted to work with animals in some way! Looking after them and making them feel good, exactly where i decided the grooming and walking of dogs had to come into my life, now I'm the happiest I've ever been and super excited for my future journey!!

"We can't imagine anyone better to look after our babies!"

Said by Rossi & Cyril's owners


"Thankyou so much, its the best cut he's ever had!"

Said by Amy, Lennons Owner



Being a recent achiever of Level 2 Dog Grooming and as a new solo groomer, I may take longer than a usual grooming salon but the more dogs I meet, work with and bond with the more my confidence with grow and the faster i shall become.

I highly recommend a introductory 30 minute visit a day or 2 before any service just so the dog then knows who i am, this will also give me an idea of the dogs personality. Dogs tend to act up when their owners are around, for the dogs sake aswell as my own, please accept its better if you do not stay at Laurs Paws while your dog has their treatment.

Pictures of all dogs will be taken on a before and after basis to produce a portfolio that i will put together for my own records, pictures may also be used on this website and our facebook page. If you would like a picture of your pooch printed out this is possible on request.

Health checks will be included with every visit, as previous checks will also be reveiwed before and on every visit.

Please inform me about any health problems or worries you may have so it can go onto you're dogs records and for myself to be aware.

A biscuit treat will be given after every visit, unless you request your dog does not have any.

I have such a massive love for dogs and if at any point i feel you're dog is too distressed or scared i shall never push your dog, i will have a break and try again. I do not want to cause any fear or stress for any dog that is not how i work, sometimes the dog needs time to get used to something just as some humans hate going to salons but other love it, dogs have personalities too which i respect. Any questions or queries please do ask.

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