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October 2015 is when i started Level 2 in Dog Grooming, everyweek we would have a variety of breeds come in for different services. Normally we would work inpairs if it was a medium to large dog, smaller dogs such as Yorkshiere Terriers and Bichon Frise would only have one person grooming them. I loved every second of my course there was under 10 of us in the class which was nice as we then became quite a close group! 

 Although i had groomed many dogs this is the first time of being a groomer alone. This is going to mean that i may take a little while longer until my speed and confidence grows even more, i am so excited to start this service up and meet so many great characrtered poochies!


Prices may vary depending upon breed and condition of coat. For an approximate cost please refer to the price guide listed below, please contacts us directly for a more detailed quotation.

All services are given at a high standard, if ever you are not happy with the cut please do let me know so i can try to fix any problems or loose ends for you. 

Grooming Price-

These prices are an average & are dependant on dogs size, coat & behaviour.

If de-matting is necessary please book for a session 1-2 days before groom, as this takes more time and should be completed prior to any service, if you feel you're dog will settle well then the 30min introduction can be given at the beggining of a service.

1 x 30 min Introductory meeting is highly recommended before any service at £5 for your pet and myself to get to know each other.






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